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Mountain biking can easily be described with one word: exhilarating. As you ride through the undulating, and sometimes unforgiving trails you learn two things about yourself. The first being that you have ultimate control over your destination; you may crash, slip, or come out unscathed, but it is the journey that takes you to the end. The second is that you are unstoppable. Sure, there is a rock in the middle of the path, but you’re mountain biking – that rock is nothing but a bump that you’re meant to conquer, arriving on the other side prepared for the next obstacle you may face.

Of course there are all different levels of mountain biking, and at Bikers Edge we love them all. From the simple paths that cut through beautiful landscapes, to the ruggedness of carving your way through rough terrain only to find more up ahead.

Every level has its challenges, and every challenge is just as fun to overcome as the last. The more you ride, the more you’ll love being in tune with your mountain bike’s maneuvering and enjoying the general pleasure of riding a bicycle among nature.

The mountain bikes available at Bikers Edge fit a variety of levels. Our shops feature recreation bikes, cross country bikes, trail bikes, and all mountain bikes. Unsure of what bike will fit you best? Come in and discuss your goals and experience with our staff. We’ll be able to fit you to a bike that will take you exactly where you want to go. At Bikers Edge we want you to share our passion, so we want to leave feeling knowledgeable and ready to conquer the trails, and be a part of the cycling community.

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We have three convenient locations throughout Connecticut in Avon, Bristol and Torrington. Our extensive showrooms have just what you're looking for, from Mountain and BMX Bikes to Accessories and expert knowledge on hand.