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Road cycling is all about rhythm. The way your legs pump, your pedals circle, your tires spin. It all comes down to setting your pace and going the distance. Whether you’re riding for pleasure, or racing for sport, the subtlety of road racing is what brings most people into its grasp. The skill of a road rider is in their ability to react to the elements, and use those elements to reach their destination as efficiently as possible. Power is an exceptional tool for road riders, along with restraint, and patience. It’s a sport made for those who love to push limits, and continually endeavor to put more distance between themselves and where they started.

At Bikers Edge we stock a variety of road bikes that fit your style of riding, including fitness, endurance, competitive, and cyclocross road bikes. Our experienced team is able to give you all of the information you need in order to select the perfect road bike based on your cycling goals.

It’s of the utmost importance that your purchase fulfills everything you’re looking for in your ideal road bike. We want you to be able to venture out onto the winding roads of Connecticut and see our beautiful state over the handlebars of your new road bike.

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We have three convenient locations throughout Connecticut in Avon, Bristol and Torrington. Our extensive showrooms have just what you're looking for, from Mountain and BMX Bikes to Accessories and expert knowledge on hand.