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Road fitting is a crucial part to your performance and overall comfort. A person that is properly fitted to their road bike will have a much better experience during a race. The main points of the fit include the saddle, handlebars, brake levers, hoods, stem, shoes, cleats and pedals. Once all of the target points are fine-tuned you can concentrate more on the ride and scenery instead of unnecessary aches and pains. From your grip all the way down to the cleat position, your body needs to be aligned to the symmetry of the bike. With that said, the Biker’s Edge Fit Specialists can help get your feet, pelvis and hands dialed in to maximize your performance.

It’s of the utmost importance that your purchase fulfills everything you’re looking for in your ideal road bike. We want you to be able to venture out onto the winding roads of Connecticut and see our beautiful state over the handlebars of your new road bike.

The 5 Step Process

Pre-Fit Interview

You will be interviewed by a technician to find out any past injuries along with any goals. In order to figure out the best adjustments to eliminate potential issues your technician will assess your target points and match them up with the proper data.

Flexibility Assessment

The evaluation will give your technician a better understanding of your body along with your flexibility and range. The curvature of the spine, foot position and length of the leg are just some of the factors in determining the next steps in the fitting.

Side View

To get the most powerful results, the neutral position is the key factor in body alignment before any range can be determined and tweaked. Seat and handlebar height with respect to cleat position is analyzed before going onto the next step.

Front View

A perfect profile of this view is to align the hips, knees, shoulders, head and ankles with respect to the bike. Once these elements are dialed in you can practice with these setting and take notes before your follow up session.

Follow Up

After a week of riding your technician will follow up with you to review the adjustments to make sure that they are optimal.

Sales & Service

Three Locations

We have three convenient locations throughout Connecticut in Avon, Bristol and Torrington. Our extensive showrooms have just what you're looking for, from Mountain and BMX Bikes to Accessories and expert knowledge on hand.


Comprehensive 2D
$150 Approx. Time 1-1.5 Hours
  • Dynamic Saddle Height
  • Dynamic Saddle fore/aft
  • Dynamic Handlebar Positioning
  • Basic Flexibility Assesment
  • Cleat Adjustment
Advanced 3D Fit
$250 Approx. Time 2-2.5 Hours
  • Includes all 2D Elements Plus:
  • Advanced Flexibility Assessment
  • Advanced Structural Assessment
  • Foodbed Fitting
  • lHip/Knee/Foot Alignment
Basic Fit
$75 FREE with Bike Purchase
  • Static Saddle Height
  • Static Saddle fore/aft
  • Static Stem Length/Reach
Cleat Adjustment
  • Connection
  • Fore/Aft
  • Side-to-Side
  • Tilt