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Specialized® Creo Sl Sw Carbon

Electric Road
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Specialized® Creo Sl Sw Carbon


We have a long history of developing the world's highest performing road bikes. Tarmac, Venge, Roubaix, Allez, Diverge—each one dominates their respective category, featuring the best technologies in the industry. And while that's a tough palmarès to follow, the Turbo Creo SL redefines e-road bike performance. It's lightweight, smooth, capable, and lively—all with the power to flatten mountains, laugh at headwinds, and go farther than you ever thought possible. It's you, only faster.

Like all of our S-Works bikes, the S-Works Turbo Creo SL is our pinnacle build. The FACT 11r chassis and Future Shock 2.0 with a hydraulic damper is dressed with a 1x build that includes SRAM Red AXS eTap and a 10-44t cassette for an incredible gear range. It rolls on Roval Terra CLX Disc carbon wheels and 30mm S-Works Turbo tires. And to finish off the build, we've included our S-Works Carbon Hover bars, an S-Works Future Stem, and a Body Geometry S-Works Power saddle. We're throwing in a range extender too, because you're never going to want to stop riding this bike.

  • Battery anxiety? Not on the Creo SL. With up to 80 miles of range from the internal battery, the Creo SL eats up big miles and long days. Our optional range extender provides up to 40 additional miles of mountain-flattening power.
  • By connecting with our Mission Control App, you're able to tune the SL 1.1 motor to your riding style, record rides, and monitor the battery. The app can handle battery management automatically too, ensuring the battery will last as long as you need it to. The motor even has a built-in power meter that transmits to any ANT+ head unit. Don’t want to connect? No worries—the Specialized MasterMind TCU on the top tube gives you all the control you need to ride.
  • The Creo SL is the lightest e-bike in its class—literally kilograms lighter than the competition. Not only does the lightweight and stiff FACT 11r carbon frame inspire dancing on the pedals and diving into corners, but it also reduces overall system weight and increases the range.
  • The lightweight SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to amplify your ride. The motor’s responsive torque curve delivers power perfectly in-tune with your normal riding cadence and leaves no resistance when riding unassisted.
  • We’ve learned there can be more difference between two male cyclists than between a male and female. Gender alone doesn’t provide enough data to specialize. It means that separating bikes as male or female is arbitrary and outdated. With this in mind, we've developed a geometry that's best-fit for all riders—one that's comfortable, snappy, and handles like a dream.
  • With the Future Shock 2.0, you'll feel a reduction in fatigue and an increase in speed, no matter the terrain. The 2.0 iteration gives you more control via a knob atop the stem. This knob adjusts compression from fully-open to stiff, while hydraulically-damped internals control rebound. The new Smooth Boot, top cap, and Future Stem also enhance the aesthetic, so you get a clean transition from head tube to stem.


Stack 643mm 573 575mm 592mm 615mm 675mm
Reach 391mm 363 373mm 379mm 384mm 399mm
Head-Tube Length 217mm 145.5 145.5mm 163.5mm 185.5mm 250mm
Head-Tube Angle 73° 71.5 72° 72.5° 73° 73°
B-B Height 269.5mm 264.5 264.5mm 267mm 267mm 269.5mm
B-B Drop 75.5mm 80.5 80.5mm 78mm 78mm 75.5mm
Trail 53mm 68 60mm 56mm 53mm 52mm
Fork Length (full) 390mm 390 390mm 390mm 390mm 390mm
Fork Rake/Offset 50mm 50 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Front-Center 621mm 586 592mm 598mm 605mm 636mm
Chain-Stay Length 427mm 426 426mm 426mm 427mm 428mm
Wheelbase 1036mm 999 1005mm 1012mm 1020mm 1052mm
Top-Tube Length (horizontal) 581mm 527 539mm 548mm 566mm 605mm
Bike Stand-Over Height 810mm 728 731mm 759mm 782mm 840mm
Seat-Tube Length 527.5mm 415 447.5mm 477.5mm 502.5mm 557.5mm
Seat-Tube Angle 73.5° 74 74° 74° 73.5° 73°
Crank Length 175mm 165mm 170mm 172.5mm 172.5mm 175mm
Handlebar Width 440mm 380mm 400mm 420mm 420mm 440mm
Stem Length 110mm 80mm 90mm 100mm 100mm 110mm
Saddle Width 143mm 155mm 155mm 143mm 143mm 143mm
Seatpost Length 380mm 330mm 330mm 330mm 380mm 380mm

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