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Thirty years ago...

     Thirty years ago the idea of a "group ride" was discussed at our shop, THIRTY YEARS AGO!!!
     It was tossed around due to the fact a few of us were riding every week on Monday nights and we really wanted to invite any and all who would participate. Somehow we wanted more people to experience the true nonsense and mayhem that ensued on a weekly ride where limits were pushed and smiles were sure to be had.
     Boy have times changed, back then the majority of riders entering the sport of Mountain biking had no idea where to ride nor what a mountain bike could really do, to be honest neither did we, but we all figured it out together.
     In today's world of electronics, any smart phone can GPS your ass any where you want to go, including following someone's breadcrumbs to a new hot trail. There is really no need for the cumbersome "group" ride to have a good time. There are "meet ups" and other social groups touting "fun fun fun" come ride with us, at your own pace and enjoy the scenery.

Blah Blah Blah... and Blah...

     I'm here to tell you the truth, as harsh as it may be, that our group rides have allowed many riders the ability to push past and through any "comfort" level they had. By riding with us in the really technical terrain at a vigorous pace we tend to blend three things, "FUN, FITNESS AND GROWTH IN ABILITY".
     I want you all to really think about what you were doing 30 years ago (if you were alive). That's a long time for anything to carry on and still be successful. I also want you to mentally prepare for next Monday night at 6:00 and get your ass to Session Woods for the time of your life. Bring that "whatever bike" you have and put it to use. There are for sure less crashes and certainly less disastrous wrong turns leading to dark dark endings, but nevertheless we still somehow have fun leaving the work and world thoughts behind for a few hours.

     See you at 6:00 pm Sessions Woods Lot, and here's to a year long celebration of "30 YEARS" of Monday Nights in the woods.




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